Connecting Two Worlds

Dave and Jonella are honored to be an instrument to connect your world with the Universe.  When reading psychically we offer you hope and encouragement.  When reading mediumistically we will connect with your loved ones that have crossed over and bring you evidence of the continuity of life.


Individual Readings 

Yoga/Angel Card Readings

Ribbon Readings

Double-Link Readings

Gallery Readings/Private Parties


Private readings are a minimum 30 minutes and are $50.00....$25.00 per every 15 minutes thereafter.

When schedules allow, Dave and Jonella will give a "Double-Link" and the cost is $125.00 ( 45 minutes to 1 hour)

Gallery readings are $25.00 per person with a minimum of 6 people  (minimum $150.00)
*travel restrictions may apply

Individual/private readings can be psychic or mediumistic or a combination.

Card readings - Card readings are available....Yoga, Angel or other cards.
Ribbon readings can be psychic representing
past, present & future or mediumistic.

Gallery/Private Party readings are small gatherings, usually in your home,
where most or all get small readings.

Demonstration readings are before an audience with us on platform.